Arola Nights: a wonderful evening in one of Barcelona’s best restaurants with a view Arola Nights: a wonderful evening in one of Barcelona’s best restaurants with a view

Enjoy the Mediterranean nights in a beachfront hotel in Barcelona

Arola Nights: a wonderful evening in one of Barcelona’s best restaurants with a view

Barcelona is best experienced outdoors with a sea view. That’s why every summer the prestigious Arola Restaurant kicks off terrace season with flavor,  creativity and a one-of-a-kind experience: an impressive ocean view; a chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere set to the rhythm of live soul, funk and pop; refreshing craft cocktails; and, of course, the original creations of one of the most imaginative chefs of the global culinary scene. All of this makes for the most delectable Thursday evening experience at a top beachfront hotel in Barcelona. Are you in?

The relaxed and casual atmosphere of the Arola terrace’s waterfront lounge at Hotel Arts Barcelona.

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Discover our lovely terrace: where the sea meets the sky

Next to the dining room of the legendary Arola Restaurant, surrounded by more than 1,000 m2 of greenery and urban gardens that supply the chef’s creations, we discovered one of the most precious jewels of Hotel Arts Barcelona: the cozy waterfront terrace of Arola Restaurant.

The Arola terrace at Hotel Arts, a restaurant with a view of the Mediterranean.

This one-of-a-kind urban oasis is the stage where the magical nights of Arola are set. A vibrant chill-out space partitioned by an original wooden structure where lights and shadows create enticing colors, with an outdoor bar equipped with premium brands and massive sofas. Upon setting foot on the terrace you’ll feel like you’ve been taken in by the Mediterranean, thanks to the spectacular sea view that this unique enclave offers. The open and casual atmosphere is bathed in the sea breeze and the warm climate of Barcelona.

Hotel Arts Barcelona’s waterfront restaurant is an ode to the Mediterranean lifestyle

Thursdays aren’t just another day during summer in Barcelona. From July to September starting at 8:30 p.m. you’re invited to experience an unforgettable evening full of flavor, surprises and good vibes.

Arola Nights on the terrace of Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Dinner: haute cuisine tapas and creative snacks

Make yourself comfortable in the lovely Arola waterfront restaurant at Hotel Arts Barcelona and prepare to share fresh air, laughter, relaxed chats and—why not?—drinks and food served in the best possible atmosphere. Accompany the spectacular views from the terrace with Mediterranean-inspired dishes and snacks from one of Spain’s most well-known chefs.

An elegant table with seaside views on the Arola terrace at Hotel Arts.

Sergi Arola is a master of interpreting cuisine in his own way, and his creations are a gateway between traditional recipes from his homeland and international haute cuisine. At Arola Nights, he capitalizes on the unbeatable location of his Barcelona restaurant with a view to further his efforts to offer a unique culinary experience, inviting us to discover his cuisine in a more light-hearted way, by providing an excellent selection of signature tapas for a casual and relaxed dinner without sacrificing the quality of haute cuisine. Don’t miss the Iberian pork shoulder, the oxtail ravioli and, of course, the famous Arola Patatas Bravas. Creativity and tradition will melt in your mouth! If you prefer seafood, the menu also includes dishes like fried calamari, Delta de l’Ebre oysters and creamy lobster rice: culinary innovation for a night that’s just begun.

Sergi Arola’s creative hors d’oeuvres at Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Drinks: distilling the flavor of the night

In addition to the extensive wine list of Arola Restaurant, Arola Nights offers refreshing cocktails by mixologist Diego Baud, who brings all of his talent and creativity to the open bar of this beachfront hotel in Barcelona for a night you won’t easily forget.

A spectacular cocktail by Diego Baud at Arola Nights.

Recognized as the best bartender of bourbon distillates in the latest Essence Century Cocktails Competition, this cocktail enthusiast began his brilliant career in his native Colorado before relocating to Arola’s bar, attracted by the creativity of the Catalan chef’s creations. You might see him collecting mint from the hotel’s urban gardens to prepare his famous Green Rascal. He awaits in the terrace’s chill-out area with his extensive offering of original cocktails that add an extra dose of magic to a night that already seemed flawless. If there’s one thing that characterizes Diego Baud, it’s his friendliness and attention to detail, creating personalized drinks made to suit your taste while talking to you the ingredients, the flavors, the aromas or even the walk through the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona that inspired a particular creation. We recommend his award-winning Pumpkin Patch, a striking drink with all the passion and authenticity of American bourbon.

Diego Baud serves one of his distinctive cocktails on the terrace of Hotel Arts Barcelona.

Live music: an evening with soul

While your palate enjoys the flavors, Tonia Richardson will liven up the night with her unmistakable voice and funk, blues, rock and electronic rhythms. See you on the dance floor!

Tonia Richardson’s live music jazzes up Arola Nights on the terrace of Hotel Arts Barcelona.

The mild weather, the stars and the murmur of the Mediterranean waves become the ideal accompaniment for the delectable sounds of this internationally famous young Londoner, capable of tingeing any moment with unique color and feeling. A composer since age 12, this young prodigy is a regular at Barcelona’s jazz venues, where she’s played alongside prestigious bands such as Elephant Step and High Fly Quartet, showing off her elegance and ease onstage. Beauty, sensuality and charisma are scattered among the soulful notes of her creations, meant to pull you into her sphere of sensations.

The attendees of Arola Nights enjoying an evening on the terrace of Hotel Arts.

But neither chef Sergi Arola’s innovative snacks, nor Diego Baud’s stunning cocktails, nor Tonia Richardson’s seductive live music can fully explain the atmosphere of Arola Nights at this beachfront hotel in Barcelona, undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan and cozy evenings under the city sky. To see for yourself, go to the terrace of Hotel Arts Barcelona on any Thursday through the end of September—because summer nights are meant to be enjoyed.

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