Hotel Arts Barcelona launches new literature lovers package to celebrate Barcelona becoming a UNESCO city of literature & Sant Jordi Day

To celebrate Barcelona’s recent appointment as a UNESCO City of Literature, Hotel Arts Barcelona will launch a new Literature Lovers Package on the city’s most romantic day of the year, Sant Jordi in April – a day when Catalan traditions see men give roses and women give books.

Literature Lovers at Hotel Arts Barcelona

To celebrate this accolade, Hotel Arts Barcelona is putting together a special Literature Lovers Package – running from April 23rd until 23rd August 2016. Offering guests candlelit canapés and champagne between stacks of Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and other iconic authors at the hotel’s Seasonal Club Lounge Library, there will also be cocktails inspired by literature at hotel’s buzzing Frank’s Bar.

Sant Jordi: The romantic tradition of book giving

The catalan incarnation of St George, Sant Jordi has been the region’s patron saint since the 1600s, and continues to hold a particular affiliation with the conventions of courtly love. The 23rd April sees Barcelona’s colorful squares and streets filled with artisanal book vendors, poetry readings and flower stalls selling roses so that men may give women roses, and women may give men books, as is tradition on this day. On Sant Jordi itself, guests at the hotel’s Mediterranean restaurant Arola will receive complimentary roses and books with their dinner.
Literature Lovers Package on Sant Jordi Day, 23rd April set to run until August. The package costs from €835 for two people and includes access to the new ‘Club Lounge Library’ with complimentary canapes and champagne, two nights accommodation, and cocktails at Franks Bar for two. On Sant Jordi Day itself, guests visiting Arola will receive a flower and a book as per the traditional Catalan celebrations.

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