The Best of our Facilities

43 The Spa boasts the latest technology to provide not only a luxury spa experience, but also a space to forget time and enjoy the beauty of the ocean from almost 150 meters (490 feet) above sea level in a city like Barcelona.

Latest wellness technologies

The complete facilities of 43 The Spa include two aquatic areas, both with a hydrotherapy pool, steam baths, dry saunas, relaxation zones, showers, outdoor terraces and eight exclusive treatment suites, two of them with views of the sea.

Latest wel

Astonishing views

Experience the unforgettable feeling of floating 150 meters above the Mediterranean waves, with unbeatable seafront views and the city skyline of Barcelona.

Unparalleled customer service

All of this in pursuit of a single goal: creating a bubble of tranquility where you can forget about time and day-to-day worries and concentrate solely on freeing your body and mind.

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