Today in Barcelona




La Diada

When: September 11

The national day of Catalunya is celebrated in the streets to show the devotion locals feel for their birthplace.

Fiestas de la Mercè

When: September 20 to 24

To celebrate the patron saint of Barcelona, popular and cultural activities enliven the streets of the city up.

Fiesta Mayor de Barceloneta

When: September 27 to 30

In honor of its patron saint San Miguel del Puerto, for 3 days the Barceloneta neighbourhood organizes festive activities in its streets.

SWAB Barcelona Art Fair

When: September 27 to 30

Contemporary art is what SWAB wants to promote through its exhibition in Barcelona.

Voll damm International Jazz Festival Barcelona

When: September 28

This international festival gathers varied Jazz artists and organizes other activities related to this music current.

The Mercè Run

When: September 29

A charity 10km run in the city of Barcelona: a Sunday spent for a good cause.




Fiestas del Rosal

When: October 7

Las Ramblas wear flowers and let us visit some of its most hidden places.

Markets of Markets

When: October 18 to 20

For the 10th edition, la Avenida de la Catedral a product festival to offer a gastronomic experience in the municipal markets.

48H Open House Barcelona

When: October 26 to 27

The city of Barcelona enlightens its architecture and town planning by opening some of its most emblematic buildings for 48 hours.




Christmas Markets

When: December

From la Sagrada Familia to Santa Llúcida, discover all the treasures the Christmas markets have to offer.

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