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Sonar Festival

Sónar is a pioneering festival that has reflected the evolution and expansion of electronic music and digital culture since its first edition in 1994. Each year, Sónar converts Barcelona into a focal point for music lovers, artists and professionals from across the world, drawn to the multiple stages and venues of the Fira Barcelona by the festival’s innovative content, format, and celebratory atmosphere.

WHERE: Fira Montjuich/Fira Gran Via Hospitalet

WHEN: 13.14 & 15 June

TIME: From 03:00 P.M. till the early hours

OFF Sonar Festival

A classic refuge for those not looking to spend a ton but want to dance all the same.

You’ll find Off Sonar events running over the duration of Sonar – a lot of the DJ’s playing major bills during the festival end up playing small clubs and after parties often announced on short notice.

June 2024 events will be spread all over the city but among the Off Sonar events for 2023 we loved were:

1.- Lost in a Moment in El Monasterio on June 15th

2.- Brunch Electronic at la Plaça Mayor del Poble Espanyol on June 16th

3.- Dynamic Plaça Mayor of Poble Espanyol on June 17th

Barcelona’s biggest club, the famous Razzmatazz, is one of the best host venues up to the task.

WHERE: Poble Espanyol & several clubs

WHEN: 13.14 & 15 & 16 June

TIME: 05:00 P.M. till 02:00 A.M.

Festa Major Barri Santa Caterina, Sant Pere & La Ribera

The Fiesta Mayor of  the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina, and la Ribera neighborhood is a traditional celebration that takes place at the end of June, also known as Festa del Casc Antic (Old Town Festival).

During these festivities, a wide variety of events and activities are organized, in which all people are welcome to participate. These activities range from the most traditional, such as “cercaviles” (parades), “correfocs” (firework shows), and “trobades de gegants” (encounters with giants), to the more artistic, such as dances and concerts.

WHERE: Santa Caterina, Sant Pere & La Ribera Neighborhoods

WHEN: Mid-June till the end of the month

TIME: Check program for detailed events

La Revetlla de Sant Joan

One of the most important festivities of the year takes place on the night of June 23rd to 24th, known as Nit de Sant Joan or Revetlla de Sant Joan (a “Revetlla” is an outdoor celebration on the eve of a Saint’s day). It is the shortest night of the year and marks the celebration of the summer solstice.

During this night, throughout Spain, Sant Joan is celebrated with fireworks and bonfires in the streets and on the beaches. In Barcelona, groups of friends gather on the beaches to light torches and set off fireworks while listening to music, celebrating until the early hours of the morning.

WHERE: Various locations

WHEN: June 23rd.

TIME: Night of June 23rd

Sopar amb estrelles

The activity takes place at the Fabra Observatory during the summer months and combines scientific outreach and astronomical observation with an enticing gastronomic proposal. Dinners are held outdoors, in one of the privileged viewpoints of the city of Barcelona.

After dinner, guests will have access to the main dome room, where they will observe elements of distant constellations, stars, and much of the solar system, with the 1904 telescope, one of the largest and oldest still in operation in Europe.

WHERE: Observatori Fabra

WHEN: May 31st till October the 6th 2024 Tue-Sun

TIME : 08:15 P.M. till midnight

Opening of terrasses in hotels

As the evening goes on, or after dinner and exploring the city’s landmarks, or spending a few hours at the beach, there’s nothing better than heading up to a rooftop terrace of one of the finest hotels.

These terraces are also open to non-residents for drinks or dinner. With the arrival of good weather in June, hotels organize the so-called “setmana de les terrasses” featuring various cultural and leisure activities. Many of these terraces offer magnificent views of the city and sometimes host anything from relaxing music concerts to DJ sessions to enhance the evening.

WHERE: Hotels all over the city

WHEN: From June till October

TIME: From noon till midnight

Formula 1 Grand Prix Montmeló

From 21 to 23 June you have an unmissable commitment at the Circuit! Mark the date in your calendar with Formula 1!

The Grand Circuit will make its usual stop in Barcelona, promising another edition of strong emotions, surprises and lots of entertainment!

On the asphalt, you will see some of the best drivers in the world, multi-champions of the stature of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso himself. Together with Carlos Sainz, they form one of the strongest pairs of national representatives on the grid, ensuring the fans a home Grand Prix at the highest level.

WHERE: Circuit de Catalunya-Montmeló

WHEN: June 23rd 2024

TIME: 03:00 P.M.

Insider’s tip Barcelona

Most museums in the city are free on the first Sunday of the month. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the art collection and hidden treasures that these galleries hold.

Please bear in mind that it might be busier than on a regular day!!!

Meet our Clefs d'or concierge: Alex Moreno

Alex Moreno has been working for the hotel Arts Barcelona for over 25 years and considers himself a passionate foodie and a traveller.

My tip for our visitors would be to venture into other areas and neighbourhoods away from the centre where you will avoid crowds large and get the local beat. Areas like Poble Nou, Sants or Sarria will offer a different perspective of the city.

A wonderful restaurant tip in Sants is called La Mundana.


La Mundana is a former “vermutería” (vermouth bar) converted into a gastro-bar… and one that is always full! The chef blends flavours from around the world to create dishes with plenty of culinary personality and creativity.

Most creative version of “patatas bravas” you are likely to eat in the city. A must!!

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